Social drinker? No, not that kind…

It’s not particularly difficult to strike up conversation with a stranger in a pub, but if you’re the sort of person who prefers to kick back and stalk new potential friends on Facebook, Budweiser may have created the tool for you.

Image courtesy of adweek.com

Image courtesy of adweek.com

Budweiser Brasil have launched a ‘buddy cup’ that allows you to become friends with someone on Facebook, simply by toasting someone else.

Incorporating some pretty impressive technology, when a thirsty punter is handed one of the cups before getting it filled with their tipple of choice (let’s be honest, it’s going to have to be Bud, isn’t it…) they can scan a QR code printed on the bottom with their smartphone. This then links their personal Facebook account to that specific cup.

When two people drinking from the cups (one each, obviously) then toast each other, NFC technology (Near Field Communication) transmits a Facebook request from one punter to the other, and automatically accepts. The app then automatically posts on both drinkers’ Facebook walls: “I just became friends with ‘X’. Drinking with the Buddy Cup at ‘X’s location’.” During the toast, a red light at the top of the cup indicates the information exchange is happening.

If you’ve ever used the iOS app ‘Bump’, you’ll be familiar with how the Buddy Cup is supposed to work.

The cup was created by Agencia Africa alongside digital innovation studio, Bolha.

Chief Creative Officer at Agencia Africa, Sergio Gordilho, said: “Innovation is in Budweiser’s DNA. Its platforms are constantly surprising consumers with the best there is in terms of premium experiences. The Buddy Cup is another idea bringing the brand even closer to its consumers and opening new levels of interaction for them.”

Budweiser Brasil are testing the Buddy Cup at festivals, trade fairs, and other large events, but at the moment (perhaps thankfully) there are no plans to bring the product over to the UK.

27-year-old punter, Jamie Culson, drinking in the Somerstown Coffee House near Euston Station, said: “I think it’s a bit of a fun idea by the sounds of it. I don’t think it would be particularly useful, although it might be quite handy when you’ve forgotten the name of someone you chinked earlier.”

Beer Tax Blog reckons Budweiser should have focused on bump-able beer mats that order you another round in when you’ve finished.

Much more useful.


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