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1p cut is “farcical” – Your opinion on the beer tax axe

After months of campaigning, the pint drinking public finally got what they wanted as the duty escalator was dumped by Osborne’s Budget. However, questions remain over whether this is enough to save ailing pubs. We went on to the official CAMRA Facebook page (link) to see what pub owners and patrons across the country thought … Continue reading

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Landlord’s Take: ‘We’re no longer being treated as cash cows’

With George Osborne scrapping the controversial beer duty escalator last week, an outspoken pub owner said landlords are no longer being “milked” of their money on a daily basis. Michael Duffy, owner of Hertfordshire pub ‘The Three Crowns’ was elated with the Chancellor’s decision. He said: “This is good news as it means we are … Continue reading